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Dog Codependent Women's Tee


You sleep beside each other. You eat together, work together, travel together, exercise and relax together... You are addicted to Dog. You are Dog. Codependent.

Here at Dog is Good we know first-hand what it's like to suffer an addiction from which we care not to recover. We hope that through our Dog.Codependent products, you too can embrace and express your addiction. After all, step 1 is admitting you have a problem...

Back Detail reads:

Where I go, Dog follows.
Where I stop, Dog settles.
When I am lost, Dog finds me.
When I am joyful, Dog joins me.
Who I am, Dog knows.
What I need, Dog becomes.
Dog is Great. Dog is Good. Dog is Everything.”

This essential women's tee features a roomier fit for those who want style and comfort. This tee is not only flattering but incredibly soft as well.

•Women's sizing - designed to be roomier, but more fashionable than the unisex
•100% ring-spun cotton, pre-shrunk
•Soft, mid-weight fabric
•Added V-notch detail at bottom

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