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Helping Every Animal Relocate To Safety

HEARTS Campaign

RezQ Dogs needs help in relocating out of the flood prone land they are currently located on. Each spring in the last 7 years this land flooded causing utter mayhem and an extraordinary financial burden as supplies, infrastructure and equipment were destroyed, dogs had to be evacuated on boats and put in boarding facilities. It took weeks every year to recover from the flood which effectively stopped RezQ Dogs' lifesaving work. This is simply no longer an acceptable or safe place for dogs.


At long last we have found a dry, safe piece of land to relocate RezQ Dogs to! This is REALLY exciting! The papers have been signed and RezQ Dogs is now a proud owner of a beautiful piece of land (and a mortgage)!


The new RezQ Dogs' home is located just a few miles west of Havre, MT on top of a hill. The location will not only asssure no more flooding but it also puts RezQ Dogs on the outskirts of Montana's 8th largest city. That means minutes to get to veterinary appointments or to pick up supplies instead of a more than one hour drive saving money on fuel and wear and tear on our vehicle. The move also means we will finally be able to have volunteers to help walk and socialize dogs and puppies!


Simply put, it's a win win move.


HEARTS Campaign has been created to help RezQ Dogs repay the loan and to cover the cost of moving RezQ Dogs animals and infrastructure, putting in a septic tank and water lines, build dog runs and a perimeter fence to keep the dogs safe.

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