RezQ Dogs

Providing hope

for those with none

RezQ Dogs

Providing hope

for those with none

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Providing hope for those with none

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RezQ Dogs is a registered 501(c)3

non-profit organization that receives

no governmental or tribal funding and operates solely on private donations, fundraisers, adoption fees, and grants.  


Please help us help them and

donate if you can. No donation is

too small and it all adds up.

Make a Difference!

Even if you are unable to adopt or donate

you can still make a big difference in the life of one of our rescues.  Please visit

our How To Help page to find out how.



We and the animals thank you for your support, encouragement and assistance!

Flood Update


RezQ Dogs is a volunteer organization, located in north-central Montana, committed to helping the unwanted and abandoned dogs from the Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy Indian reservations.  


Our mission is rescuing dogs in hopes that one day

we won't have to.

Just a quick thank you for all of the support, offers of assistance, and sharing of our story. Right now, with the different areas of our rescue still flooded or covered in oozing silt, we spend a lot more time walking the dogs here. Also, since we moved other dogs to a nearby abandoned building, we have to travel there three or four times a day to walk them as well as give meds, water, feed, and do clean up.  I do apologize as there have been many offers of assistance that we have not acknowledged yet and many people we have not thanked yet. We definitely would like to set up a day or two days where we could get volunteers but as of yet we are still in the coping and adjusting stage. We will be in touch again, hopefully soon.


If you would like to help us in our recovery effort, we add items to our Amazon Wish List.  From experience we know that gravel will be our biggest expense (approximately $2500) but we will need to put a new layer of gravel in the dog runs to keep them dry and clean. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can do it safely on our

How To Help page or send a check to RezQ Dogs, PO Box 83, Dodson, MT 59524


In the meantime remember, smile because you are all appreciated. Smile because you always give us reason to smile. Thank you for that…..


We miss our furiends. The silence that should be a relief grows heavy. The mud, the empty kennels, dog toys laying as though abandoned. I guess we should be somewhat numb by now but no. We’re not.


Again, and forever again, thank you.


Upcoming Events


RezQ Dogs will be at the State Giving Campaign Fair in Helena on September 29th.  Please stop by our booth and say hello.